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  • Guide to making money from 1- $ 5 per day for free

    Applike is a paid app, very hot today. You can earn $ 1-5 per day with only 1 handset smarthphone ... You must make yourselves under the guidance of new dental accurate results. Payment via Paypal.
    Note: Because this app some countries block so you need to use VPN to download fake ip. 

    Step 1: Fake IP 
    First you download the fake ip "Fly Vpn" you do not hereếu Settings mode application of unknown origin, then go to Settings -> Security and tick the box unknown sources Fly gocroi reset VPN). 
    You can also install software on google play any VPN, as long as the US can fake IP is. 
    Next, you open Vpn Fly up, sign up, sign in and then select your country and click Connect to the United States when it reported Connected is ok. 
    You can use some other software to use IP Fake 

    Step 2: Set the app to make money 
    you go to Settings -> Manage Applications -> select application CH Play -> Delete Data 
    After you download App here: 
    (this is your referral link. When you download and register under this link you will be mcoins 4444. mcoins = 0.5 $ 5000. There are 250 mcoins themselves. But agencies more important is, when you use your referral link, the two people will be in each other's friends list, you will receive 25% of their mcoins earn and vice versa, both are generally 2 win, but only when using affiliate links) 
    Once downloaded and successfully installed you can Disconnect Fly Vpn or uninstalled also. Better to retain and turn up at login App to make the game. 
    Note: If your IP Fake, deleted data that has not download the App, the first extra steps. In Settings, find Accounts section, select the Google account and delete all accounts are connected off. Then delete the data CHPlay. When downloading the App link on the login accordance with new GMAIL (Lap new Gmail would go ae A) 

    Step 3: Open the app Appplike * HOW AND TIPS monetize mcoin review: 
    Open Applike we'll sign up for gmail account ( attention then to confirm gmail email, confirm the time to mail to fake IP), after logging is complete it will give us 4444 5-7 mcoin and download the app for you. 
    Interface main screen looks like this, you just click on the PLAY & COLLECT then cut that application set. (If you do not have any games to play & collect it is because Vietnam is IP) 
    settings of your finished filming back Applike and switch to ACTIVE aPPS tab, then Applike will show your downloaded apps, you simply press the play button and open the game with time it requested and received mcoin (note when running the app to earn points then you must enable network connectivity light, note again that you have to open the app game in applike not open where the applike alone) 
    Because it pays mcoin applike time open app (game), so as long as you open, the more most points.The app (game) will be updated constantly ... sometimes you open Applike to check. 
    Per 5 minutes you will be 250 mcoins online. 3000 1h ie continuous mcoins.24h mcoins = 7.2 $ 72,000. 

    Applike can only withdraw money via Paypal to the minimum required to have paypal account you have to verify bank (avoid heavy fees are deducted) (who do not know google paypal then learn it) 
    Me fake ip into US before ordering withdrawals offline 
    Once enough points you can exchange the order to withdraw, then it will usually pay between 12-24h. 
    Note: You only need to download fake and once payment Applike whiff (but to be sure, for every continuous IP fake okay). 12h30 daily money offline. Saturday - Sunday through Monday accrue money for not working. You must fill in if the wrong mail Paypal will not get the money. 
    => How to Create an account PAYPAL 

    Proof here too (Click photo to enlarge) 
    gallery thumbnail 

    wish you make a lot of sloping, if you have any questions please comment below the article, I will provide specific guidance

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  • Share tut reg gmail xác nhận sdt rác mới nhất 2017

    Với thủ thuật này bạn có thể tạo cho mình thật nhiều Gmail để sử dụng trong sự nghiệp Kiếm Tiền trên

    YouTube của bạn.

    Tut hướng dẫn tạo mail US full 100%


    *Chú ý: nói k mất tiền cũng k đúng, mà gọi là mất rất ít nha mấy bạn ^^

    Rất đơn giản các bạn chỉ cần tải phần mềm giả lập android Nox  về máy , cài đặt , login bằng gmail nào cũng được sau đó vào ch play  tìm vpn free tải về , bước tiếp theo vào cài đặt của android ở phần mềm nox xóa hết tải khoản google đi nhé, bật vpn free lên .

    Tiếp theo các bạn vào ch play reg tài khoản .  reg xog đợi 1 lúc  nó sẽ bắt very phone thì các bạn vào trang reg 1 tài khoản rồi lấy sdt đó very . Chúc các bạn thành công !


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